Thursday, April 30, 2009


The Lord is your shepherd. Because of that simple fact, you don’t ever have to be in want – you never need to lack for anything. He takes you to green pastures and makes you lie down in them to find your rest. He leads you beside still waters so that you may drink deeply and be refreshed. Along with renewing your body, he restores your soul, which is of even greater importance to him. He leads you in the direction of righteousness, showing you step by step where to place your feet, so that you may have sure footing and bring glory to his name.

Even though you walk through dark, terrifying places, you have no reason to fear that any evil will befall you; for he walks with you and he will never leave you alone. His rod and his staff are designed to prod you in the direction you need to walk and to pull you back from the cliff when you stray too close to the edge. But in addition to that, they are perfectly formed to fend off attacks from predators and enemies, those who would steal your peace and your joy.

In fact, he sits you down to an amazing meal that he has prepared for you, right in front of your enemies, as if to rub in their faces how powerless they are to harm you. Then, after feeding you, he anoints you with oil, his own spirit, to take you even further into the depths of his freedom, grace and glory. In his presence, your wine cup is filled beyond capacity, overflowing and spilling onto the floor. You cannot contain all that he has for you.

Throughout all the days of your life, his goodness and his mercy will pursue you, hunting you to the ends of the earth and running rampant over you. They will await you at every turn. Even if you tried to avoid them, there is nowhere that you will not encounter them. His goodness and his mercy will be as close as brothers to you, right up until your final breaths. And then, when that last wind has passed your lips, there is only joy remaining. At that point, you will live forever in the palace of the king, reveling endlessly in his magnificent presence.

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